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Join US as we keep alive our First Amendment Rights and preserve our Bill of Rights.

Listen to our grassroots patriots and other conservative view points that are shared by all Americans

who strive to regain our founding principles.  We all have a single goal to take back our country and restore goodwill and honesty that is the foundation of our liberty and freedom.


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Freedom Talk Netcast

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Mychal Massie

Erik Rush

Dr Chuck Baldwin

Gary L Bauer

Sheriff Richard Mack

Tom DeWeese

The Hon. James David Manning, PhD

Brigitte Gabriel

Senator Russell Pearce

Marilyn M Barnewall

Fred Brownbill

Tim Cox

John Guandolo

Dr Paul Prentice

Dr. Yuri Maltsev

Ann Barnhardt

Dr. Orly Taitz

Michael Murphy

Dr Richard Davis

Stewart Rhodes

Lindsey Williams

Kirk MacKenzie

Trevor Loudon

Pam Geller

Robert Spencer

Stephen Pidgeon

Tom Trento

Joel Richardson

Tom Tancredo

Rick Light

KrisAnne Hall

Jimmie Butler

Joel Gilbert

Dr. Terry Lakin